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WooLee Ann Production Spinner

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WooLee Ann Production Spinner.  Comes with a WooLee Winder flyer and 3 bobbins, orifice reducer, AC power cord.

Please expect 60 days for delivery of this item.

5 Stars
Magnificent E-Spinner
I've been a fan of the woolee winder since I started spinning years ago. I've wanted an e-spinner for years and I am so glad that I did not get one before Nathan came out with this magnificent machine. I've had my winder since mid November. I've spun almost 30 hours on the WooLee Ann and it is such a fantastic device. It's whisper quiet so you can talk, watch TV, etc. while spinning. The no drive band or break band to worry about is ingenious. Everything has been thought out and it's just a joy to spin on and has it's own woolee winder. What more can anyone ask for? I highly recommend this device. IMHO there isn't a better one on the market.
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Reviewed by:  from Toronto. on 12/1/2016
5 Stars
Outstanding and the Best!
I purchased my WooLee Ann e-spinner in Oct. 2016. Since that time I have enjoyed over 60 hours of immense spinning pleasure! I have been able to do any technique that I could do with my standard wheel, but with much more ease and less without physical strain. This excellent spinner has allowed me to continue spinning in spite of my increasing physical limitations. It never slows, boggs down, and it meets and exceeds any spinning challenge that I give it! I just completed spinning and then plying 2,300+ yards of cobweb lace yarn with incredible ease! Anyone that says lace cannot be spun using a WooLee Winder is completely misinformed. ;) This is a wonder of an electric spinner that exceeds its competition exponentially! Thank you WooLee Winder Company for this outstanding wheel and allowing me to keep spinning! If there were 10 stars to give, I surely would!
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Reviewed by:  from Norman, OK . on 12/1/2016
5 Stars
Spinning teacher
I bought my Ann wheel about a month ago. I have had some success with using another e-spinner but the Ann caught my eye after spinning on it last year at Black Sheep. Smooth and quiet. My only problem was my need to reduce the number of wheels I own in order to justify why I needed another e-spinner. Finally I had enough money so I quickly asked Nathan if he had one available for me. I was pleased to pick it up a couple of days later. So pretty with its bamboo finish and cool buttons. I am not a production spinner so I was looking for a wheel I would just enjoy. With every new wheel there is a break in period. I find I am working on getting my hand speed to agree with the take up of the wheel. The faster you spin the greater the take up. I can really get this baby going. I am now working on bobbin 3. I picked up two more bobbins at black sheep. I haven't really plied on it yet. I expect that to be fun as well. This so a lovely wheel. Well worth the price. Nathan has built a great design. And yes the pop out bobbin is really cool in case you want to know.
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Reviewed by:  from Portland . on 6/26/2017
5 Stars
A lot of research went into finding a just the right e-spinner before deciding to buy the WooLee Ann. I’m so glad I didn’t settle! The WooLee Winder itself was something I’d always hoped to try out, but oh my, how did I ever live without it? You get on a roll and don’t have to stop spinning for anything until the large spool is filled. I’ve seen wheels demonstrated that are so light weight they’d never work for spinning with the wheel on the bed or if there are kids horsin’ around. I especially love it that the break band and drive band are totally enclosed. No worries about a fluffy cat getting his tail caught in anything while you’re spinning. I’m hooked on this WooLee spinner now and my beloved Country Craftsman will have to be rehomed.
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Reviewed by:  from Wisconsin. on 10/1/2020
5 Stars
Head Spinny
I did a lot of research before buying the Woolee Ann. I thought it was a lot of money until I compared it to other e-spinners on the market which have half the thought, meaning features as well as convenience for the spinner, built into them. I am not a commercial spinner by any means but this spinner is easy to work with and adjust speeds as you wish. It is an extremely quiet, powerful spinner that helps me accomplish more in a lot less time. I tend to spin lace-weight yarn and she does a beautiful, consistent job. I have logged over 60 hrs. (Window logs time for me) and I have only been spinning for 4 years total, mostly on my Lendrum which, unfortunately has no WooLee Winder attachment, which would help a lot based on my experience with the WooLee Ann. The only suggestion I have is to mark the right side next to the knobs near the counter window to know that’s the direction to turn them to either speed up or grab more. I keep trying to blame being born in England as my excuse for often confusing my right and left so I need visual help. All the best and Very Happy Spinning.
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Reviewed by:  from BC, CANADA. on 3/2/2021